Marketing Your Window Washing Business on the Internet

If you are considering starting a window washing business or are already offering this service, your next step should be putting together an Internet marketing plan. This type of promotion is probably much less expensive than you think and can really help to grow your client base.

Of course, this increase in business won’t occur overnight. It will take time and effort, on your part. But, this dedication will eventually begin to pay off.

To be successful with this type of marketing, you will need to create a basic website or blog. Doing it yourself is the least expensive way to go, however you have the option of hiring a designer, as well.

(Because of the growing popularity of blogging, many Internet marketers have found greater success utilizing a blog platform, as opposed to a traditional website.)

Forums are another great way to market your window washing business, on the Internet. One of the greatest advantages to this is the cost… there isn’t any! Most forums allow members to advertise via a signature line. A simple question such as ‘Tired of your dirty windows?’ will draw interest and click-thrus.

For those who are unfamiliar with signature lines, they are automatically inserted at the bottom of each post that you add to forum threads. The clickable link, consisting of your question or statement, leads to a website or bloggoing here.

Everyone likes to save money. You can easily include a printable coupon on your site. Clients can print it out and redeem it, on the day of their scheduled cleaning. You can also offer a discount for referrals. Offer clients a discount, of say, 5% for every new account they are instrumental in helping you acquire.

Send out a periodic newsletter. Offer general cleaning tips or even gardening or home décor tips and a recipe or two. Be sure to offer some type of special, as well.

These are just a few examples of how to market your window washing business, on the Internet. There are many other creative ways to generate interest, in your service. Think about the things that have enticed you into purchasing a service. Build on these and you will, no doubt, see your business grow.

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